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As a teen of the 90s, I spent many a Saturday sorting through the second hand store racks looking for that "perfect" thrift store T-shirt. You know the one. The random but somehow super cool logo promoting an obscure business or product that also had the perfect faded look. It took some serious time sorting through all those racks just to find one shirt that hit the bullseye - but it was always worth it when you found one.

As a teen, I had all the time to kill in the world. However as an adult, I no longer wanted to put that kind of effort into hitting the different shops & sorting through the racks. So I thought, surely there were designers out there who'd zeroed in on this demographic and were creating T-shirts like the ones we all use to hunt for at the thrift stores.

However after endless googling and "Amazon-ing" I couldn't find what I was looking for. Where were the designers who understood this aesthetic? It seemed like no one was paying attention to the details that made these shirts great. What I did find was either just plain dumb, too stereotypical, or was "close" but I'd still pass on if it was in the racks.

I knew exactly what I was looking for, I just couldn't find anyone offering it. And even if I did want to sort through racks, I knew these types of shirts just weren't out there like they use to be. 

I realized if I wanted to wear what I was looking for, I was going to have to spearhead the effort myself - and Deep Tropic Threads was born! Now that it's easy to get a Deep Tropic shirt, it's rare for me not to be wearing one. I'm actually wearing the long sleeve "Bahama Tundra" shirt as I write this - no lie.

So if you're ready to rep that thrift store vibe without having to hit the racks, Deep Tropic Threads has officially come to the rescue. To make it even sweeter, right now all orders over $50 get Free Shipping. Word. Thanks for droppin' in.

- Jonathan Pierce

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