My Unheard-of Trade Deal (That Out-Trades Anything You've Ever Traded)

My Unheard-of Trade Deal (That Out-Trades Anything You've Ever Traded)

When I was newly married we had 2 vehicles. A 1989 Honda Accord and a 1991 Honda Accord. Of the 2 vehicles the 89' needed a lot more love. The shocks were pretty much gone and the one thing I could say that would pretty much sum it up is that I was once pulled over simply because of the way it looked. We jokingly called it “the cruiser.”

Shed Stash 1989 Honda Accord illustration

The 91 was in better shape and had a “custom” paint job in which glitter had been added to the green paint. I only ever got one compliment on it, which was given to me by a drive through employee at McDonald’s who genuinely thought it looked awesome.

1991 Honda Accord Shed Stash

Both vehicles were always needing some kind of repair but what I remember most is that it always seemed like I was having to replace a "cv-joint." All I knew is that it was a part that connected to the wheel and I must have replaced every single one on both vehicles.

If the vehicles were any indication, we weren’t exactly rich and were always looking for a way to make things happen on a budget - this included where we took the vehicles for repairs. I had found a mom and pop repair shop run by a nice guy named Lucio. Prices were never set and it was actually expected that you were going to wheel and deal. Over time he learned I knew a little bit about computers. (A better way to say it is that I simply knew a little more than him.)

One day I was bringing in one of the cars for a repair and when it came time to discuss the price, he mentioned he had recently gotten a Macbook and was trying to learn how to use. Long story short, a deal was struck to trade the cost of the car repair for a computer training session to help him get familiar with his new computer - no lie.

Jim Jamkins at the Mechanic Shed Stash

As agreed, Once the shop closed I showed up ready to share what I knew. I pulled up a chair to his desk and over the next hour we went over the folder system, general navigation, where the applications were, what they did, and how how to open and close different windows. By the time we were done it was dark outside and it occurred to me that I had just traded a computer lesson for a car repair. 

A few years later we eventually experienced the luxury of owning “newer” vehicles that didn’t need to be constantly repaired. But the era of the Honda accords went down as one of many periods in my life where I learned how to be resourceful and scrappy. They're life skills I still use today. No matter how tough life gets or how little resources I’m working with, I always try to remember someone else is finding a way to make things happen with less resources than I have, and that no matter what, there is always a way forward - even helping someone understand how to use their new Macbook.

What was an experience in your life that taught you to be resourceful and scrappy? Let me know Here

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